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  • North Melbourne
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A little bit about Garfield

He's big, he's ginger and he loves lounging around... yes, he's Garfield! Garfield is such a sweet young man. He is the definition of a friendly giant. In fact, Garfield doesn't seem to be aware of his size because initially he was actually quite shy and nervous when meeting new people. As Garfield has gotten comfortable, he's becoming much more confident with approaching people and will most likely approach you at first glance. However, due to this shy nature of his, it's best that Garfield finds a forever home that is more chilled and relaxed like he is. More than anything Garfield adores pats. He loves all sorts of pats (bum, head, ears and neck) and will give you little headbutts to ask for more. If you get a really good spot, you'll be lucky enough to hear his very sweet purr. Something special and heart warming about Garfield is that once he spends some time with you and trusts you, he moves really close to you and stays there without any worries. Going with the theme of relaxed and chilled, Garfield does appreciate a good sleeping session and is happy to lounge around in a comfy area. If Garfield hasn't already stole your heart, come and meet him at our North Melbourne shelter today!

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