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  • North Melbourne
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A little bit about Malcom

This handsome man goes by the name Malcolm! Malcolm is basically a smooch king. He is so affectionate, and it only takes a couple of minutes with him to figure this out. He gives some of the biggest headbutts out there which is a big sign of affection and also requests for more pats. He is very friendly to everyone and is not shy to go from one person to another, as long as they are both giving him love and pats. He loves to lounge around and clearly prefers to have your attention rather than go exploring. His big, loving heart is also reflected in his behaviour. When you are patting him, he will often get happy feet and turn into the biggest purr machine. He adores being around humans and will put his face right up against your face to show just how much he loves you! If you think Malcolm may be the one for you, feel free to talk to one of our friendly cattery staff at our North Melbourne shelter and they will lead you right to him.

This website is updated in real time at the conclusion of an adoption. There is a chance that while you are travelling to meet your potential new pet, he or she may be involved in the adoption process. To avoid your disappointment and inconvenience feel free to phone ahead to discuss the animal you are interested in.

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