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This very friendly young man is Ewok and he is looking for a special new furever home to call his own!

Ewok has a few special needs that his new family will need to be aware of but none of these should impact on him being a happy and loving cat for years to come. Ewok is deaf; however, this isn't really a big deal as far as cats go. He will need to be an indoor cat for his own safety (he can't hear cars or predators coming) and his new owners will simply need to make sure that they approach him from the front or where he can see them coming to avoid startling him, otherwise, Ewok is just like every other cat to care for. Also, due to his pale and pink skin, he will need to be an indoor only cat to reduce the chance of damage to his sensitive ears and nose from the elements and sun.

Ewok has a gorgeous and friendly personality, always immediately coming over to his door if it looks like someone may be coming in to visit him. He loves being patted and, despite the stitches in his ears, he loves a good scratch behind the ears and will lean in and purr away happily when you oblige. He is happy to be picked up for a brief cuddle but would prefer to have his cute little paws back on the floor and ready to take off on his next adventure.

Ewok is a confident cat who is not particularly nervous when let out into a larger and more open area. He loves to get out and have a wander about to explore his surroundings and visit the other cats housed around him. He really is a lovely cat with a friendly and loving personality and he would make a wonderful pet for the right home.

If you would like to meet Ewok in the fur, head down to our adoptions centre and speak to our friendly cattery adoptions team today!

This website is updated in real time at the conclusion of an adoption. There is a chance that while you are travelling to meet your potential new pet, he or she may be involved in the adoption process. To avoid your disappointment and inconvenience feel free to phone ahead to discuss the animal you are interested in.

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