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Cat adoption records smashed thanks to you

March 21, 2017
There were many happy faces around the Home when news spread of Giggles' adoption during the recent adoption drive. He had been patiently waiting for 96 days.

To all who responded to my first blog, thank you for a positive and warm welcome. One of the challenges for any organisation that wishes to engage pro-actively with people, interest groups, community groups and key agencies, is to find a way to communicate broadly and cost-effectively.

At the Home we have used various ways to speak to all of those who have an interest, a passion or a right to know what is going on in the Home. This blog is yet another channel by which people can feedback topics of interest or areas of need, to me, and to the Home. So, please feel free to use the email address to respond at any time on any topic. It may take me a little time, but I will endeavour to respond on hot topics or to key issues or questions, as I can.

Since my first blog, the Home has been conducting a cat adoption drive. At this time of year especially, as I am sure you are aware, the cat population swells and so too do the numbers of cats being brought into the Home. As our sister shelter and rescue organisations also testify, this is a very challenging time, especially where cats are concerned.

It is all the more pleasing therefore to report that in the last five weeks our cat adoption drive has seen 568 cats and kittens find new and loving homes. In the past this period would historically see about half that number finding new homes. Was it a result of more public awareness of cat numbers in summer, or was it, as we suspect, a sign of the broad reach that Facebook, for example, has created for humane animal welfare messages and needs? Either way, the result is a wonderful testament to the compassion and love that members of the public have for our feline friends in their time of need.

An added benefit of larger numbers of adoptions is that we can also get our message of responsible pet ownership out to more members of the public than ever before. All cats are de-sexed, vaccinated and registered. This makes for a better informed community and a safer and friendlier world for all cats.

Ideally the message of better pet ownership also flows on to the potential impact of some cats on wildlife populations.. If cats are cared for in a responsible manner they will have bells on their collars at the very least, and ideally they will be kept inside at night. Being de-sexed we should also see a reduction in feral cat populations or unwanted litters turning up at the Home.

There are so many benefits to adopting a cat from a shelter or the Home, and it is incredibly pleasing and gratifying to learn just how many wonderful and caring people there really are in our diverse community of Melbourne.

Thank you to everyone who adopted, and a special thank you to all those who are now planning to adopt. To give a voiceless friend a loving and caring home is a true gift of life.

Chief Executive Officer