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One year on: Checking in on Melbourne’s luckiest kitten, Burnley

June 15, 2017
Burnley - the fearless feline who was rescued from the Burnley Tunnel - is loving life in his forever home.

Today marks one year since a stray kitten was found wandering in Melbourne’s Burnley Tunnel.

The kitten – later named Burnley – was lucky to survive his ordeal, with three lanes of traffic and speed limits of up to 80km/h in the tunnel. Fortunately, CityLink workers were quick to rescue the fearless feline and contact the Home for assistance.

Watch the heart-stopping CCTV footage.

LDH-adopted-adored-burnley-one-year-on-2Amanda and Hayden were among the 113 families who applied to adopt Burnley. From the moment they brought him home, the miracle moggie changed their lives.

“What a wonderful year we have had with our dear Burnley,” said Amanda.

He fills our hearts with love and the house with fur. He is a happy, loving and playful cat.

“Burnley loves making cubby houses. His favourite cosy hiding spot is our bed base. He has made it into a hammock by breaking the fabric. He climbs in and sleeps. It’s so cute (but cheeky!). He also loves hiding in clothes horses with towels drying, or open drawers.


“Burnley loves to eat, watch possums, hide in boxes, play on his cat castle and chase his ‘Da bird’ toy.

“He runs to greet us at the front door when we return from work each day, for head rubs and tummy pats. Each evening he joins us for couch cuddles and then sleeps on the end of our bed.

Burnley is a huge part of our lives and we couldn’t imagine life without him.”

Follow Burnley’s adventures on his Instagram page.

Burnley has found a safe and caring forever home, but many other felines are patiently waiting to find theirs. Looking for a new pet? Change a life and adopt a shelter cat or kitten today!