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Buckley cruelty charges dropped

July 6, 2010
Grown up Buckley reunited with Jodie

Almost a year from the fateful day that Buckley the pup was rescued by The Lost Dogs’ Home after suffering a horrendous attack, staff at The Lost Dogs’ Home are disappointed to learn that the charges Buckley’s alleged attacker faced have been dropped.

The Home understands that the man charged has a history of mental illness.

General Manager Sue Conroy said, “We’re extremely disappointed in the outcome. Unless he is presented before a Magistrate, who has powers to ban him from owning an animal for up to 10 years, he is perfectly entitled to go out and get any number of other pets – no laws exist to stop him.”

Buckley was just eight weeks old when he had his ears and tail hacked off, before being dumped in a school yard. 

After months of rehabilitation, that included surgery to help mend his ears and tail, training and lots of TLC to heal emotional scars, Buckley found a new loving home.

The Lost Dogs’ Home received hundreds of calls and emails from people around Australia and the world expressing their outrage and their desire to see tougher penalties for people who commit animal cruelty.

“There will be thousands of people who will be frustrated and very upset to hear charges have been dropped,”:says Sue.

Buckley was the very public face for animal cruelty. We still receive mail about him.”

Buckley’s celebrity status has done much to raise awareness for cruelly treated animals. Not only has he helped educate more people about what it means to be a responsible pet owner but also that all animals deserve to be treated with empathy and respect.

He has also helped raise awareness for the plight of abandoned dogs in shelters deserving a second chance.

“Much more needs to be done to protect animals like Buckley. New laws are desperately needed to ban people from owning pets who are known to be cruel to animals, but have not been convicted of animal cruelty,” says the Home’s Managing Director, Dr Graeme Smith.

“We see far too many cases neglect and cruelty at The Lost Dogs’ Home, from people who should never own an animal.” 

A year on, Buckley is a strapping, healthy and confident adult, who bears no emotional scars from the cruelty he endured as a pup.

Buckley is one of the lucky ones and is a credit to the hard work of his owner Madeline and to foster carer Jodie, who devoted so much time rehabilitating him as a pup,” says Dr Smith.

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