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Pitter-patter of little paws leads to 50% off adoptions in Brisbane!

June 20, 2012

The birth of a baby is always celebrated; except when it comes to cats. While everyone loves a kitten, there are simply too many in Australia and during the warmer months, shelters everywhere burst at the seams with little paws looking for new homes. And sadly, it is usually the older cats who miss out.

However, while the temperature has begun to drop and less kittens are being born, the number of at The Lost Dogs’ Home’s Warra shelter is also low. At present, there are a number of cats and kittens who are in need of a family, many of whom have been waiting for quite some time. It is for that reason The Lost Dogs’ Home Bracken Ridge shelter for the next three months!

“We have some of the most beautiful cats available for adoption but people just aren’t coming in to meet them,” said Shelter Manager, Corinne Alberthsen. “We’re hoping that by offering half-price adoptions, people will get that incentive they need to come down to the shelter and see who is available.”

To protect our lovely creatures from impulse purchases and later being returned or abandoned, everyone who wishes to take advantage of the half-price adoptions must complete the Home’s Pet Licence test first.

With questions on everything a responsible pet owner should know — including a pet’s dietary and grooming needs, the importance of socialisation and the costs of vet care — the aim of the Pet Licence is to prepare potential adopters for the commitment they are about to make.

“People can complete the test as many times as they need to pass,” Corinne said. “Once they have, they simply need to show proof of completion to the shelter and they will receive 50 per cent off the cost of adopting a pet.”

Normally $144, the discount will take the price of adopting either an adult cat or a kitten to $70.

“When you take into consideration the cost of desexing, worming, microchipping and vaccinating – which all our cats receive prior to being adopted – it is a very good deal,” Corinne said. “What is most important to us, however, is that our cats and kittens go into loving homes where they will be cherished as members of the family.”

Follow this link to complete the Pet Licence test. Please note that there will be hard copies of the test available to complete at the shelter; however we do encourage everyone to complete the test online prior to coming in, to avoid queues and delays. If you are considering welcoming a cat into your home, now is the purr-fect time!