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Deaf dog Bluebell bounds into her new home

June 6, 2017
Deaf dog Bluebell stole the hearts of Sam and Caitlin

Deaf dog Bluebell recently arrived at our shelter in need of a new home. Her hearing impairment didn’t slow her down – quite the opposite, in fact!

Bluebell thrived under the guidance of our attendants, who used hand signals and positive reinforcement training to teach her new skills.

Bluebell’s adoption profile caught the attention of Caitlin and Sam, who wanted to give a shelter dog a second chance at a happy life.


We feel like we have had her forever already, that’s how well she has settled in,” said Caitlin.

Bluebell – affectionately known as Belle – wasted no time claiming her place on the bed and befriending the family cat, Bowie.

“Belle’s favourite things to do are cutting laps and running around in the backyard, jumping up on the trampoline, playing tug of war, and trying her luck with sleeping on our bed.

“She has already come to the local footy with us and you could nearly see the smile on her face.

The fact that she can’t hear, we don’t even realise because we can so easily communicate with her.

LDH-adopted-adored-bluebell-deaf-heeler-2“What we love most about Belle is when she comes bounding in the morning with a big smile. She wakes us up by jumping on us on the bed. It always ends up with us being licked to death.

“Shelter pets make great pets because they know the other side of life and when they are given a second chance, you can see the complete joy on their faces.”

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