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Celebrating our furry best friends

June 8, 2016

Best friends come in all shapes and sizes. They fill our lives with love and laughter, making our world all the brighter. Today, 8 June, is Best Friends Day – a time to celebrate the special bonds we share with our best buddies.

Most pet owners will agree that animals can be our best friends, too. After all, they show us unconditional love and loyalty. So, to mark this special day, we’re introducing you to some of our many wonderful adopters, along with their furry best friends.

LDH-adopted-simonCraig and Simon

“When I entered the shelter, a staff member pointed out Simon. I went in with a list of what I wanted and he ticked all the boxes.

The first two weeks he spent running around the house. He likes to do this just as you have jumped into bed, and after he will jump into bed and want a cuddle. Simon’s favourite things are sleeping on the couch, looking out the window, and sleeping on top of you while you are in bed.

He runs to the door to greet you after being at work all day, and demands cuddles before you do anything else. Adopting gives a pet a second chance at life and they really respect that.”


Ness and Alfred

Al was in the Herald Sun back in December as one of the 12 Strays of Christmas. Now named Alfred, this senior has stepped out of the limelight and into a wonderful new home!

“Alfred is a confident and well behaved dog and had gorgeous eyes that said ‘pick me’. He quickly realised who the new owner was and that the cat Oscar was here first, so he had to share the love.

Alfred loves his bed, rolling on the carpet and socialising with other new people and dogs. He is well behaved and very lovable. When you stop patting him he puts his head under your hands for more pats.”


Sallyann and Marty

“I adopted Marty from The Lost Dogs’ Home in North Melbourne, and she fits into our household perfectly!

Marty follows me everywhere in the house – she is very curious and loves to investigate every hiding spot she can get herself into (she particularly loves hiding in the TV stand, where she thinks she is invisible). She loves playing with all her toys (her favourite is the long fluffy ‘tail’ on a stick that she holds in her mouth and runs around the house with).

Most of all, she loves to curl up in bed with me, especially in her favourite spot, which is on my neck! Marty has made my life so much happier and full of love. I wish everyone could feel the love of an animal adopted from The Lost Dogs’ Home like I have.”


Kristian, Hannah and Peanut

“I went to The Lost Dogs’ Home to look at the dogs available for adoption and the animal attendant introduced me Peanut. I knew there and then he was the dog for me

Peanut is a very smart, young dog. We have already managed to teach him how to sit, lie down and shake paws. He is still learning to roll over. One of my favourite things about Peanut is how enthusiastic he is.

There are so many dogs in animal shelters needing that all important second chance at finding their new family. I am happy that I was able to give Peanut the loving home he deserves. My whole family adores him and he adores them; he is such a great part of our lives.”

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