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February 19, 2019

WEIGHING in at a whopping 50kgs, Bear may look fierce but she’s no enemy.

In fact, her owner affectionately dubs her a “gentle giant” who’s even bossed around by the family cat.

Kym Krummel adopted Bear from The Lost Dogs’ Home two years ago.

And his daily walks with the 6-year-old Macedonian Shepherd certainly don’t go unnoticed.

“People like to chat to Bear. Sometimes, she reacts very well,” laughs Mr Krummel.

“Because of her size and occasional interest in smaller animals, we have to take particular routes.”

After heartache losing a previous dog and many years rescuing deer hounds, Mr Krummel says Bear is the first dog he’s owned in 12 years. A decision that’s enriched his life.

“The joy the dogs bring is the fact that they need you to enjoy their company and the beauty is you get to meet many people as well, who have also got dogs,” he says.

A regular patron of Frank Samways Veterinary Clinic, Mr Krummel speaks highly of service by The Lost Dogs’ Home.

“We think the Lost Dogs’ Home work is terrific and we think the veterinary work is excellent,” he says.

“We have been taking animals to vets for 30 years and we think the service there is very good.”