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Baymax returns home to loving family after missing for over two years

January 29, 2020

Peter Phethalankham and his family’s hearts sank when they realised, they would need to tell their 3 year-old that their beloved furry family member Baymax wasn’t coming home.

“Ï noticed the side gate was open, I quickly drove out for a while searching around in the dark screaming his name but there was no sign of him, it was devastating for the whole family,” Peter says.

“Although we were hopeful for the first one or two weeks, it slowly started to sink in that he wasn’t coming home.”

But in their hearts they never gave up on seeing Baymax again and kept all of toys and bed.

More than two years passed when the family received a call from the Lost Dogs’ Home that would change their lives again.

With the news that seemingly was out of reach now a reality, Peter ran to his son Chace to give him the news. “The joy was unbelievable,” says Peter. “We were in disbelief the whole time were driving to the Lost Dogs’ Home.

“The moment we saw was incredible, we are so grateful at a second chance with him.”

Quotes attributed to Lost Dogs’ Home media spokesperson:

“The Lost Dogs Home is delighted to be able to reunite Baymax with his family, it is an integral part of what we do here at the Lost Dogs Home with an average of 7000 pet owners reunited with their furry family members every year

This is a good example of the importance of micro-chipping your pets, without it said would be highly unlikely to be able to identify the owners. This is also particularly important for cats as they have much lower rates of de-sexing and mirco-chipping.

It is important for the community to know that if you find a dog or cat on the streets, you must report it to the relevant authorities as it is not a case or finders’ keepers.”

The Lost Dogs’ Home strives to be the pre-eminent animal welfare organisation in caring for lost and unwanted dogs and cats and in enhancing the responsible ownership of these animals in the community.

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