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Batman’s Long Journey to his forever home.

August 29, 2019
Batman with The Lost Dogs' Home foster carer Jade

Part of The Lost Dogs’ Home’s success is its partnerships with animal shelters throughout Australia. That’s why we’re so pleased that Blue Cross Animal Society of Victoria is helping little Batman on his long journey to his forever home.

Batman when he first arrived at The Lost Dogs’ Home

It was May when the seven-year old Jack Russell Terrier was abandoned in the streets near our North Melbourne shelter.  His condition was severe; infected eyes, overgrown toenails, and mites burrowing under his skin caused severe mange.

Over the last three and a half months, Batman has undergone extensive veterinary treatment at The Lost Dogs’ Home to bring him back to health. Our Behaviour Trainers have concentrated on his handling and socialisation as he learns to trust again.

He’s also enjoyed the companionship of our dedicated foster carer, Jade and her resident dog, Eddie through our Foster Program. He’s spent most of his time recovering in a loving home environment and lots of extra TLC.

It’s always hard to say goodbye to little treasures like Batman, but our friends at Blue Cross will give him the best possible care and guide him on his rehabilitation to achieve our ultimate goal – a new family to love and care for him.

For further information or if you wish to adopt Batman, please contact Blue Cross Animals Society of Victoria, 26 Homestead Road, Wonga Park or telephone 03 9722 1265