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Australia Day: Opening hours and pet safety

January 24, 2017

If you’re looking to adopt a dog or cat, or have lost or found a pet, be sure to check our opening hours before you visit us this Australia Day.

Australia Day opening hours

North Melbourne shelter (pet adoptions, lost & found)
9.00am – 12.30pm

Cranbourne shelter (lost & found)
9.00am – 1.00pm

Frank Samways Veterinary Clinic

Keeping pets safe this Australia Day


Fireworks often occur on Australia Day and can terrify pets, causing them to flee their homes in fear and become lost or injured. This Saturday (28 January) also marks Lunar New Year, so beware of fireworks and firecrackers over the weekend.

Download our Fireworks, storms and your pet fact sheet for tips on how to help your pets cope with fireworks.

Food and drinks that are dangerous for pets

Cooking a BBQ this Australia Day? It may be tempting to give leftovers to your pets, but BBQ food can be dangerous for them – especially for dogs.

Too much fat or rich meat can cause pancreatitis – a painful condition where the pancreas becomes inflamed from trying to break down too much fat. Onions and garlic are also dangerous, as they interfere with red blood cells, causing the body to break them down quicker than it can create new ones.

Cooked bones should also be avoided, as they can splinter in the animal’s mouth. These shards can penetrate and put holes in the stomach. Feeding cooked bones can also cause severe constipation. Corn cobs are also a hazard and common cause of blockages in the stomach of dogs. These must be surgically removed.

Please remember that alcohol must never be given to pets. Hops, an ingredient in beer and the grapes that make wine, are toxic to dogs.

If you have concerns for your pet’s health or well-being, contact your vet or nearest emergency vet.