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The Home’s response to Victorian Government’s audit report

March 29, 2015

The Lost Dogs’ Home welcomes the audit report released today by Minister Pulford into our compliance under the Code of Practice because every cat and dog at the Home is cared for with compassion.

In particular, the report established the following findings:

  • ‘The audit did not identify any major concerns associated with animal health or welfare at any of the sites.’
  • ‘Euthanasia rates have made a steady decline for dogs and cats over a six year period.’
  • ‘The non-compliances observed at all the LDH sites are not uncommon in animal pounds and shelters.’

Since the beginning of 2015 the euthanasia rate for dogs has averaged 7 per cent. The Home accepts recommendations regarding euthanasia reporting processes and we will work with the Department and other shelters to develop a consistent, workable approach.

A number of compliance matters identified are currently being addressed and remedied. These areas of non-compliance relate to wear and tear of facilities, particularly surfaces.

Like all pounds and shelters, the volume of unwanted, wild and semi-wild cats is a continuing challenge. A concerted campaign (the Adopt-a-thon) is underway to find homes for the unprecedented number of cats and kittens in the Home’s care.

Initiatives underway at The Lost Dogs’ Home as a result of our internal review include:

  • An immediate commitment of $250,000 for operational infrastructure improvements, prioritising customer and animal contact areas and animal assessment facilities.
  • Dogs with temperament concerns now undergo assessment with a Veterinary Behaviourist and wherever possible enter a behaviour rehabilitation program with a team of key behavioural staff.
  • The appointment of a Rescue Coordinator who will grow our rescue program and work proactively with rescue groups.
  • The establishment of a Community Consultative Group to provide a structured mechanism for community voices to be heard.
  • Broadening the expertise on the Board of Management.

Whilst unrelated to the Minister’s investigation, the departure of the Home’s Managing Director and General Manager of Operations has created the opportunity for a new CEO to be appointed. The new CEO will work closely with the revised Board and the senior management team to deliver a new direction and era for the organisation.

The Lost Dogs’ Home is committed to providing the best care for animals. This includes reuniting more lost pets with their owners, providing rehabilitation and veterinary care, increasing adoptions and educating the community on responsible pet ownership.

The full results of the audit can be read at the DEPI website here.