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NEWS: Adult cats need your support!

February 24, 2015

Open your heart and home to a shelter animal today! Adopt an adult cat, kitten, dog or puppy from our North Melbourne and Campaspe Shelters before March 3, 2015 and receive 50 per cent off the adoption fee!

We are pleased to announce our Adopt-a-Thon drive has seen – as of yesterday – a terrific total of 67 shelter animals adopted since launching last Wednesday.

While we are encouraged by the numbers, sadly many of our adult cats still need forever homes.

With only 12 adult cats across both shelters adopted so far and dozens still waiting to find their perfect match, we urge those of you who really want to make a difference to the life of a shelter animal to get on board with our Adopt-a-Thon drive and rehome a deserving adult cat!

Jaguar finds his perfect match!

Suave and smoochy four-year-old Jaguar who was in the spotlight last week after waiting almost five months at our North Melbourne shelter was adopted on Friday afternoon.

“My sister first spotted this big boy a few weeks ago now when she came into adopt her cat and we were startled to see upon checking your website recently that he was still at the shelter,” said ecstatic adopter Melaine. “I knew instantly I needed to meet him in person!”

And the connection was instant: “I just love a big cat who enjoys cuddles and that is Jaguar to a ‘T’! We simply bonded right away!”

On taking Jaguar home, Melaine allowed him out in to her backyard for a short while and was taken by the sheer happiness he exuded upon lying down on their pavement.

“He just sprawled himself, stretched out his limbs as started rolling from side to side like cats do when their content. It was just incredibly rewarding to see this gorgeous cat enjoy the fresh air and sun.”

Given her experience now adopting an adult cat, Melaine encourages more people to get on board.

“I love that adult cats are so self-assured and actually quite self-sufficient.

“I’ve had many kittens and looking forward to having a pet that already had an established character and routine — a pet I could simply appreciate spending quality time with rather than running after all the time!”

Change the life of a shelter animal today

View all our adoption candidates at or meet them in-the-fur at either of our shelters.

Find out more on our Adopt-a-Thon drive.