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ADOPTED & ADORED: You’ve got a friend in me

November 1, 2015

Making the decision to adopt a pet is a very personal experience. Those looking to adopt do so for many different reasons – including to give a dog or cat a second chance to find a loving home or to provide companionship following the loss of a beloved family pet.

In June, Jenni and her family made the decision to adopt a dog following the loss of their family pet earlier in the year.

“Our dog was a big part of our lives and the life of our other dog, who is 11 years-old; he had been with us for 14 years.

“With the adoption it was important for us to find an older dog that would become a part of our family and a great friend to our special dog,” said Jenni.

After taking their time to find the right dog to fit in with their family, Jenni came across 12 year-old Ginny’s profile on The Lost Dogs’ Home website.

“When we saw Ginny’s profile on the website, we knew that she was the dog we had been looking for – so we put in an application to adopt her and the rest is history!”

Ginny going homeNow known as Ruby, it didn’t take long for this colourful character to fit into her new home.

“To say that Ruby is a perfect fit for our family is an understatement! She is such a beautiful little family member and we have enjoyed getting to know her quirky personality and lovable traits.

“One of my favourite things about her is her kind and loving nature; we also love the way her little tongue sticks out the side of her mouth – it is very cute.”

For Jenni and her family it was important for them to give a dog, like Ruby, the opportunity to go to a loving home where she could be adored for the rest of her life.

“The whole adoption experience was fantastic. Adopting a dog was a hugely emotional experience for our family and being able to have something to be excited about, like going to meet a new dog was terrific.”

“We are so lucky to have found her; she is a perfect little girl that we all love so much!”

There are a number of dogs currently looking for their forever home. Could you be their perfect match?

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