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ADOPTED & ADORED: Tyson spreads joy with his big smile and bigger heart

November 6, 2016

Arron and his wife were ready to welcome a new dog into their home. With so many shelter and rescue pets in need of a second chance, they knew adopting was the way to go.

“We’d been wanting to get a rescue dog for some time, and my wife has always liked Staffies,” said Arron.

ldh-adopted-adored-tyson-1“We had been keeping an eye on the rescue dog websites, including The Lost Dogs’ Home. We had been in to the Home previously to see how the dogs were being looked after.

“When Tyson appeared on the site, he just struck a chord with the both of us, so we made the decision to come down and meet him.

“When we stopped at this kennel for a few minutes, he slowly walked to the front of the kennel with such sad eyes, that he just melted us both.

“They say dogs pick their owners, and I think we knew right there and then that he was the one for us.”

Tyson was feeling a little unsure of himself and the world around him. But after a couple of weeks, he realised he was home.

He slowly worked out that he was at a place that he could call his, with people that loved him,” said Arron.

ldh-adopted-adored-tyson-2Living a life full of adventure, Tyson’s favourite hobbies are going for walks, and eating.

“Tyson is very food-driven. He’ll eat his monthly worm tablet straight out of your hand. He thinks it’s a treat!” said Arron.

“Tyson has free reign of the house and yard 24/7, but he loves to get out and about for walks, rides in the car, and trips to the beach. He walks most days with three other female Staffies that live in our neighbourhood.”

Arron and his wife felt strongly about adopting a pet in need of a second chance, and Tyson has returned the favour by showing them unconditional love.

He is just so much a part of our family now. He adores us as much as we adore him,” said Arron.

ldh-adopted-adored-tyson-4“After-dinner hangs on the couch are pretty awesome. I have been known to carry him to his bed and tuck him in on more than one occasion.

“I think that all animals make good pets. From my experience, owning a rescue or shelter pet has that extra inherent feeling of giving an animal a possible second chance at a good life that it deserves.

“If you are in the process of getting a pet, I’d strongly recommend that you explore a rescue pet.

“With so much animal exploitation in the forms of puppy farms and the like, animals can become a cruel, throwaway commodity, and at its core, this is a cruel, unfair and unjust way to treat any living thing.

All animals deserve an excellent life, and a rescue pet will provide so much joy, knowing that you are giving an animal a second chance.”

If you’re ready to experience the love of a shelter dog like Tyson, change a life and adopt your new best friend today!