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Senior dog Harry finds his perfect forever home

March 29, 2017

Late last year, little Harry found himself in need of a new home. The 12-year-old pooch had a heart condition, but he didn’t let that slow him down.

Medication helped manage Harry’s condition. Unfortunately, his teeth were also in poor shape, requiring surgery to remove 16 of them. Soon after, he was ready for adoption.

LDH-adopted-adored-harry-senior-dogHarry’s adoption profile caught the eye of Robert, who was looking to adopt a senior dog.

“Older dogs are a little bit quieter. An older animal already has years of experience. I would know exactly what I was getting, with no surprises temperament-wise,” said Robert.

“An older dog doesn’t need hours and hours of high-energy activity. My knees are pretty good, but not that good!”

True to the loving nature of senior pets, Harry wasted no time becoming a devoted companion for Robert.

Harry is an absolute pleasure to have around. His personality is a wonder as well. It’s amazing how they have their little emotions,” said Robert.

LDH-adopted-adored-harry-senior-dog-2“He is asleep on the floor between my feet as I write this. He knows that when I sit at the desk to work, he has to be quiet.

“In my social circle there are lots of pets and he likes them all. He is able to mind read for sure. I only have to think ‘car’ and he is at the front door ready to go.

“I can only recommend adopting an older dog or cat to everybody. You will be rewarded every day in countless ways.”

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