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ADOPTED & ADORED: Sadie thrives in the countryside

September 25, 2016

Sadie was a very worried dog who had little confidence. She spent weeks in the care of our behaviour team, who helped her learn that the world wasn’t so scary after all.

Sadie transformed into a happy, confident dog who would bound up to people for attention and a treat. She also learned important skills to help prepare her for family life. The only thing missing was… a family!

When Andrew and his family visited the shelter to adopt a dog, Sadie spotted them and perked right up.

ldh-adopted-adored-sadie-meela“We could see straight away that she was keen to meet us,” said Andrew.

“Fergus, who we also adopted through the Home, wanted to go straight over to meet her. You could easily say that they picked each other.”

Sadie is now enjoying a leisurely life in the countryside and even has a new name, Meela.

“Meela has adjusted really well to her new life and the fresh air, settling in very quickly. She truly enjoys her peace and quiet,” said Andrew.

As much as she loves being outside, she also enjoys curling up on the couch and having long sleep-ins on our bed.”

ldh-adopted-adored-sadie-meela2“Other things that Meela enjoys are her daily walks with her brother Fergus. She has quickly worked out where all the other dogs live and has made a new friend around the corner – Bundy the golden Labrador – they quite enjoy saying hello to each other.”

Meela now gets to enjoy a lifetime of companionship and adventures with her new family. Every day, she rewards them with the special kind of love you receive from an adopted shelter pet.

“We love Meela’s beautiful, loving nature, her unconditional love and the generosity of her kisses, they never stop. We love how she jumps on the bed at night to sleep with us; she is a very good snorer.”

Her mummy loves how Meela follows her around all day long, watching what she’s doing, never leaving her side. I love the warm greeting I get from her when I arrive home from work, her tail wagging, and the big goofy smile on her face, tongue hanging out the side of her mouth.”

ldh-adopted-adored-sadie-meela3“Most of all though, we just love how well she has settled in with us and Fergus, and just how well they have gotten along, they are inseparable.

“Meela has brought an immense amount of joy to our lives, they both have.”

Meela has found her forever home, but many other dogs just like her are still waiting to find theirs. Meet our adoptable dogs today!