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ADOPTED & ADORED: Mister Fluffykins finds a new home… and look-alike

October 29, 2016

Mister Fluffykins, the miracle moggie who survived being hit by a car, has found a loving new home. Not only that, he has also found his new best friend and look-alike!

Drax (left) and Lenny (right)

When Tessa saw Mister Fluffykins’ story on the Home’s Facebook page, it immediately caught her attention, and for good reason.

“It immediately reminded me of our other cat Lenny, who we also adopted from The Lost Dogs’ Home. His colouring and amputated tail are identical,” said Tessa.

Like Mister Fluffykins, Lenny had also arrived at the Home with a severe injury to the tail, which also required amputation.

“He was so friendly when we came to the Home, so we fell in love with him straight away,” said Tessa.

Tessa and her partner thought Mister Fluffykins would make the perfect companion for Lenny. With their striking similarities, it seemed as if it was meant to be.

Now named Drax, this lucky cat wasted no time settling in and claiming his spot on the couch.

He settled in straight away. Like Lenny, he made himself comfy as soon as he arrived. Drax and Lenny became best friends straight away,” said Tessa.

Drax (left) and Lenny (right)

“Drax’s favourite activities include: eating as fast as he can, jumping super high for his mouse toy, playing with Lenny and sleeping on his couch.

“We love Drax’s kitten-like energy and affection. He is so playful with other cats and us.”

Having already adopted Lenny from the Home, Tessa and her partner knew how rewarding it was to offer a second chance to a homeless pet.

“Shelter pets make great pets because they usually have such an interesting story (sometimes not the most pleasant), but are usually so happy to be welcomed into warm and loving homes,” said Tessa.

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