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Love blossoms through Hope

May 15, 2017
Hope survived a suspected snake bite and is now enjoying life in a happy forever home.

Stray cat Hope was in a critical condition when she came to us in March, suffering from a suspected snake bite.

Her recovery was touch-and-go, but Hope’s condition eventually began to improve under the care of our vets and nurses. Fortunately, luck would soon turn, and not only for Hope.

Cat lover Nadine had recently been through a break-up, having to also say goodbye to her former partner’s cat, who she loved and adored.

LDH-adopted-adored-hope-cat“I day dreamt and had a look at your website, and saw Hope’s profile. I instantly feel in love with her story and beautiful face,” said Nadine.

I was very drawn to her, and the name Hope also appealed with my circumstances.”

After sending Hope’s photo to a friend, Nadine was conflicted about whether she was truly ready to adopt a pet.

“Four weeks later was my 50th birthday and my gorgeous friends called and said they would like to adopt Hope for me if I was ready,” said Nadine.

“How beautiful, it was meant to be. I loved Hope’s story and had a wonderful feeling the first day I saw her picture on your website. Funnily enough, I didn’t even look at other cats.

We met in-person on ANZAC Day. As soon as the cage opened, my love for her became a reality and that was it.

“What I love most about Hope is her loving nature and companionship.

“Shelter pets have amazing journeys through their lives and all deserve to end up in a loving, happy home.”

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