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ADOPTED & ADORED: Kristian has a friend in Peanut

February 14, 2016

Nineteenth century writer Josh Billings once said “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.”

This quote rings true of eight month-old Staffy cross Peanut (formally known as Bongo) who recently came to visit the Home’s North Melbourne shelter with his new owner Kristian.

Kristian met Peanut, the dog who would steal his heart, in mid-2015 after making the journey to the Home’s North Melbourne shelter to check out the dogs available for adoption.

“I had grown up with animals and my partner, Hannah, and I had wanted to adopt a dog for quite some time.

Peanut 6“I went to The Lost Dogs’ Home to look at the dogs available for adoption and the animal attendant introduced me Peanut. I knew there and then he was the dog for me.”

Now eight months old, Kristian, Hannah and Peanut have become inseparable, with the family enjoying spending time together.

For Kristian, he has loved nothing more than watching Peanut’s personality and confidence grow during the last six months.

“Peanut is a very smart, young dog. We have already managed to teach him how to sit, lie down and shake paws. He is still learning to roll over.

“One of my favourite things about Peanut is how enthusiastic he is.

“During the last few months we have been encouraging him to swim, but while he loves going to the dog beach, he had been a little unsure about the water.

Peanut“That changed about a month ago when we went camping. One morning I woke up and found Peanut swimming in the nearby river.

“Since then he has grown to love the water. Every time we head to the dog beach it is straight into the water!”

Adopting a dog from an animal shelter like The Lost Dogs’ Home was especially important for Kristian and his family.

“There are so many dogs in animal shelters needing that all important second chance at finding their new family.

“I am happy that I was able to give Peanut the loving home he deserves. My whole family adores him and he adores them; he is such a great part of our lives.”

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