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ADOPTED & ADORED: It’s meant to be

April 16, 2016

At The Lost Dogs’ Home we often hear of stories from adopters who have come into the shelter planning to adopt one animal, but they end up walking out with another.

They head into the shelter ready to go, when suddenly another animal catches their eye and they know deep down, this is the animal for them. It’s destiny.

In this edition of Adopted & Adored we are introducing you to Deb and her beloved cat Lou Lou (formally known as Daisy). After a chance meeting Deb knew that Lou Lou and she were meant to be.

20160327_FeedMeNowHi there,

I adopted Daisy on 10 March 2016. To be honest, I went out to look at a dog called Cookie and ended up with a cat! I don’t even like patchwork cats but Daisy caught my eye right from the start. She had beautiful markings, was a bundle of energy, and desperate to get out.. Once the paperwork was done, I had my ‘cat takeaway in a box’ ready to roll. 

She meowed non-stop all the way home but as soon as that box was opened, she was off busily exploring. No time for photoshoots with her! She didn’t sit still long enough. 

Daisy – now known as Lou Lou – has settled in nicely. She follows me around, is always nearby, and is very keen on hiding behind something and pouncing on me when I walk past unsuspectingly. She is like Cato, from the Pink Panther movies – the Peter Sellers’ version. She can be a little enthusiastic and get carried away sometimes during play time, but it’s not a real issue. In return, when I pick her up, she puts her paws softly around my neck, and gently touches her nose against mine. I’ve not known a cat to do this before, and it’s adorable.

I’ve attached several photos of Lou Lou in her new environs, including one from today where she ‘helped’ me write this article. She is still a very curious cat, and rarely sits still long enough for me to get a good photo, unless she’s asleep. She also knows what time she gets fed, and I think you’ll be able to work out which photo shows what she does when she thinks she should be fed again!!! She does this EVERY DAY.

20160411_HelpingOnLaptopSo, all in all, it was my lucky day on 10 March.

My thanks to the staff at Lost Dogs who were all very helpful on the day and interested in knowing how ‘Daisy’ went post-adoption.




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