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Giggles finally heads home after almost 100 days at the shelter

February 22, 2017

Giggles spent more than 96 days waiting to be adopted. But, while he patiently sat in his condo and watched his fellow shelter mates find new homes, fate was working its magic.

Hirukshi and Vishva were looking to adopt a cat as a companion for their family, including their cat, Maya.

“Since Maya is a wanderer and was getting bored with us, we talked about picking one up from The Lost Dogs’ Home but never got the time,” said Hirukshi.

LDH-adopted-adored-giggles-cat“Then one Thursday we found the video about Giggles and we couldn’t let him stay one more day at the shelter. So by Friday, we made him ours.”

Giggles was adopted during the Home’s summer cat adoption drive, just two days shy of what would have been his 100th day at the shelter.

When he arrived at his new home, he quickly settled in as if he had always been there.

“Maya was not amused with him in the first two days, but she too caved in for his adorable ways. Now they are inseparable; chasing each other into the night, not even a door can stand in their way. Maya can deny all she wants, but she is becoming his biggest fan,” said Hirukshi.

Giggles never lets us feel we are alone for a minute. Even though he is almost two years old now, he is still a kitten within.

LDH-adopted-adored-giggles-cat-2“We love how playful he is, his quirky ways of playing and rolling around for pets and rubs. He is the perfect companion. All it takes is two taps on the bed or sofa and he comes running.

“It’s fun to watch him touch the water before he takes a drink, his tail always wagging, cuddling up with his rope toy, and how he rubs against you after a long day at work.

“Giggles is a well-mannered boy, and always prefers to eat and have a drink only on the food mat.

We are firm believers of ‘Adopt not shop’. Adopting allows you to give hope to another life; it’s an amazing feeling to provide a home for a loving soul.

“Especially older cats, who come into your house with a story behind them. Then they gradually blend their colour and character to our story and make it beautiful.

“It feels like Giggles has always been our cat. And may he remain our cat forever.”

Giggles has finally found his forever home, but many other cats and kittens are still waiting to find theirs. Until 26 February 2017, the Home is waiving the fee to adopt a cat and halving the fee to adopt a kitten.