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Dave finds a loving home after living rough on the streets

December 4, 2016

A cold, dirty dumpster is no place for any animal, but that’s where a tiny little dog named Dave found himself. He was afraid, hungry and alone.

Luckily, Dave was rescued and brought to the Home. With TLC, foster care and regular training in our Behaviour Program, he became happier and braver by the day.

ldh-adopted-adored-dave-christmas-pet-food-appeal-2Dave’s gentle temperament won the hearts of Marielle and her young daughter, Aamini.

“We were looking for a dog that would be comfortable with our lifestyle and our home. We live in an apartment, so we knew we needed a little-sized dog,” said Marielle.

“My daughter was lobbying for a dog for a number of years. This year, with her maturity, she wrote me an extraordinarily convincing letter.

We made a commitment to find a dog to adopt, ethically as well. We were looking for a dog with a bit of life experience.

ldh-adopted-adored-dave-christmas-pet-food-appeal-3“When we saw Dave on The Lost Dogs’ Home website, he sounded perfect because of his temperament and his age. On the phone, the woman said he had been found in a dumpster, which was quite heartbreaking.

“We knew that there was possibly some trauma and anxiety. We were pretty confident that we were the type of personalities that could suit him.

When we first met Dave, he responded really well. The trainer was really helpful and patient. Dave jumped up on Aamini and had a sniff. We thought, ‘This is going to work. He likes us and we like him’.

“He settled in with us quickly and comfortably. We have issues with his anxiety when we go outside. But still, there are moments of confidence – the little, confident dog that he could be. We’re just building up to that.

ldh-adopted-adored-dave-christmas-pet-food-appeal-4“He’s very affectionate. He likes to have a cuddle, and that was one of the most important prerequisites for Aamini, to have a little dog that likes to be cuddled.”

With so many pets in need of new homes, Marielle and Aamini felt strongly about adopting from an animal shelter.

Adopting ticks the ethics box. These little creatures want love and need a home, and there’s a very dedicated group of people who are facilitating that. I couldn’t understand any other way to go, to be honest,” said Marielle.

Lots of hungry tummies will come into our care over Christmas and in the New Year. Your gift of $24 will help feed a lost, abandoned or homeless pet just like Dave during their stay at the shelter. Donate to our Christmas Pet Food Appeal.