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Adopted & Adored: Comet shoots through training

February 7, 2015

The world can be a confusing and puzzling place for an untrained dog. For companion animals, living alongside humans requires a common language that helps both parties understand each other.  By training your dog you can not only develop clear and consistent communication; you can also form mutual respect and a long and lasting bond that will last a lifetime.

Recently charismatic Comet — a terrier mix from our Echuca shelter — was placed for adoption needing an owner who would dedicate time and patience through regular and ongoing training.

After searching for their perfect match for six months and seeing his profile on our website, David and his family made the long road trip up to Melbourne.

David recently sent an update on Comet’s progress and it’s fair to say, the little pocket rocket has proven to be quite the starlet.


To the Home,

After searching for a new dog for about six months, I saw Comet on your website and just after one look said to my wife, “There’s our new pooch!”

My kids love Comet to bits and spend a lot of time with him. My wife has really taken to him and already declared that Comet is the best dog that we’ve had. Comet is already my best mate and we haven’t been apart since he arrived home (he’s actually lying under my feet now as I write this email lol).

With some regular training, Comet now knows “sit”, “stay”, “come”, “wait”, “drop”, “toilet” and “bed”. AlthoughComet with the command “bed”, he digs his heals in and refuses to go to bed which is funny to watch.

He started off nervously walking on his lead but now as soon as we grab his lead his tail wags at a million miles per hour and he gets very excited. He’s actually getting a little too confident on lead and has started to get a little bit naughty by pulling on his lead which we are currently trying to rectify.  He does however, sit and wait at every corner and as of today actually started doing both without being given the command which is pretty cool.

He’s a very happy and loyal dog. Every time someone moves he has to follows them around — we have to be careful not to trip over him at times as he will settle just behind your feet! He is excellent around other dogs and cats and just wants to play with whomever he meets (human & animal). Although a lama gave him a huge fright last weekend which was pretty funny!

He has only barked twice and each time was while playing. Someone lit fireworks the other night and all Comet did was to stand there and watch them. As soon as the fireworks finished he just went about his business.

The only thing that we can find (so far) besides going to bed, is that Comet doesn’t like the car. He refuses to get in the car and after much encouragement to get in he has to be lifted in the car. Once in he seems fine though.

Comet gets walked twice a day, receives lots of love and he loves to learn new tricks.

He’s an awesome little fella and we look forward to spending many happy years together.

Thank you so much for allowing our family to adopt Comet. He’s a joy!


David and family