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ADOPTED & ADORED: Charlie makes a family whole

September 20, 2015

Animals are known for their companionship, unwavering loyalty and strong instincts. Often we hear of stories where a dog or cat available for adoption choosing the right family for them. They have found the family they were looking for!

Earlier this week we received an update from Domenic on his golden retriever cross, Charlie (formally known as Thomas). It’s fair to say that on that fateful day back in 2013 both Domenic and Charlie knew they had met someone special. Since then, Charlie has become a much loved member of Domenic’s family.

Hi guys,

This letter is so long overdue, but better late than never.

I just want to thank you for your wonderful service and dedication to our four-legged friends.

My wife and I have a little Shetland Sheep dog and were interested in getting a brother or sister for him.

After seeing some stories about dogs up for adoption, we decided that we should adopt one. So we kept our eyes on your website.

It was January 7, 2013. It was one of those really stifling hot Melbourne nights. At 2am I awoke and decided to check out the dogs up for adoption. Our boy Charlie wasn’t on your website, but there were lots of other dogs.

We decided to come in and take a look. Charlie, or Thomas as he was known at the time, was sitting very subdued in his pen.

I asked an attendant if we could take him for a walk and wow! What a dog! He did everything I asked for and was, and still is, just perfect.

I asked him to sit, and he did. I was sitting behind him, rubbing his chest and asked “Hey mate, would you like to come home with us and be our little boy?” Charlie picked up his paw and put it on my hand. That was it. There could be no other dog.

We decided to call him Charlie, as his face told us that he was a ‘Charlie’. He took to his new name immediately, even before we left the shelter.

To cut a long story short, it has been the best two and a half years of our lives. Charlie just gives complete and utter love to me, my wife Mary and his little brother Rex.

He always stays close to Mum when she walks (my wife has MS and needs a walker). Charlie just knows that he has to protect her.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting us adopt Charlie. I don’t know if we rescued him, or if he was meant to bring untold love to our family.

Yours forever thankfully,