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ADOPTED & ADORED: Casper, the perfect pet and playmate

May 22, 2016

Casper (formerly known as Brice) waited more than 200 days to find a new family. He spent months up for adoption at our Campaspe shelter before he made the sea change to our North Melbourne shelter. But, as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait.

In the final days of our 2016 Adopt-A-Thon, Andrea and her children visited our North Melbourne shelter to meet the adoptable cats. Though she didn’t expect to actually adopt on the day, Casper stole her heart and those plans soon changed.

Two weeks on, Andrea sent us an update on Casper, who is most definitely Adopted & Adored.

“Casper was the one cat to stretch up onto the glass and show interest in the kids as soon as we entered. There was something about his eyes that had me sold the moment we saw him. In so many ways I am so sure he decided that day we were the family for him. It was certainly a case of him choosing us.

It’s only been a couple of weeks, but we can’t really remember life before Casper! He has settled in so easily, escaping the kids like a pro when he needs some quiet time and being adorably smoochy. He is curious and loves exploring. We find him in cupboards all over the house but his very favourite spot is my bed.

Casper wadopted-adored-casper-childasn’t sure about our dog Winnie at first but as Winnie is inside a lot of the time, they got over the initial trepidation quickly and are great little buds now.

Casper is super playful and he has us in fits of laughter when he plays with his toys. As our first cat, I’m not sure if his ability to pick up his mouse toy with his claw – like a hand – is unique to him or all cats. We think he’s quite clever indeed. It’s hilarious to watch him rolling around with his toys, even more so watching him stalk and pounce on them from a distance. Above all else, he loves a belly and chin scratch, and will follow you around vocally expressing his needs, forcing you to meet them pronto!

His eyes tell a story. Whilst we don’t know exactly where he’s been or what mischief he’s found himself in, in the past, you can see he knows how to love and that makes him a very special boy and the perfect cat for our home.

We spent two hours at the shelter meeting several cats and kittens, really wanting to be certain we were finding the very best match for our home. The shelter staff and volunteers were amazingly patient and imparted as much information as they could on all the cats and kittens we met. As a total cat novice, I really relied on their knowledge to find a great fit.

adopted-adored-casper-child-2All of the cats and kittens looked happy, you can see they will happily move on to any new home without much issue at all – largely thanks to the tireless time spent by staff and volunteers cuddling and caring for each and every one.

We’d love to give a big shout out to the wonderful shelter staff and volunteers – you can see they genuinely love the role they play in caring for animals. The delight across their faces when we decided Casper was for us was so heart-warming – it made the adoption process feel really right.

We’ve been spreading the word far and wide. Thank you, Lost Dogs’ Home. Your devotion to animal welfare certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed.”

Casper has found his forever home, but we have lots of other cats who are waiting to find theirs. Click here to meet them.