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Golden Oldie Bella finds her senior soulmate

March 2, 2017

At seven years of age, senior dog Bella found a new lease on life when she was adopted into a loving new home early this year.

“Bella settled into our home and family really well. Although she seemed happy, she was still a bit shy and timid,” said Bella’s owner, Jo.

Jo already knew the joys of having a senior pet, as she also shared her home with her 17-year-old dog, LuLu.

LDH-adopted-adored-bella-senior-dogDespite their ages being 10 years apart, Bella and LuLu quickly became best friends. Like any true friendship, the sweet seniors have helped each other reach their full, thriving potential.

“Bella is doing really well and loves her new friend; they do everything together,” said Jo.

“Bella is so loving and gentle and tries so hard to do the right thing. She has overcome being shy and timid. LuLu has a lot to do with that, as Bella follows her around everywhere.

“LuLu is now 17 and having Bella has put a bit more life back into her. Although she can’t get around as fast as Bella, they are great mates.

Bella has settled into our home and family really well. She is very much a part of our little family and loves having a fuss made of her, though doesn’t every dog?!

LDH-adopted-adored-bella-senior-dog-2“Bella loves playing ball and just being with her new best friend, LuLu.

“I think dogs – more so ones that have been lost or whatever the case may be – just want to be with people who love them so they can love back, and there’s no better thing than to be loved. They give so much pleasure.

“We are so happy that Bella is part of our family.”

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