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A happy home for Graham: A cat who endured horrific injuries

March 6, 2017

Stray moggie Graham arrived at our North Melbourne shelter with injuries so horrific, we suspect he was hit by a car.

“Graham’s left hind foot was badly mangled; almost all of the toes were crushed and exposed. The tip of his tail had also been degloved, leaving the bone exposed,” said Amanda, cattery coordinator at the Home.

LDH-adopted-adored-graham-cat“There was no active bleeding, so the injuries would have been around two to three days old. The pain would have been excruciating.”

Pain relief and antibiotics alleviated Graham’s suffering and kept him comfortable. His injuries were so severe that our vets had to amputate his left hind leg and tail during surgery. But, the brave cat made a smooth recovery.

A loving family took Graham home only hours after he went up for adoption.

We immediately fell in love with Graham; his wise and loving personality shone through before he even came out of his enclosure,” said Graham’s new owner, Lily.

“When asked if we could have a closer look at him, he jumped into our laps and snuggled right up to us. I’ve always said, your pets choose you, you don’t choose them.

LDH-adopted-adored-graham-cat-2“Graham has settled in wonderfully and already has a favourite spot on the couch, having claimed a pillow and blue blanket. He’s adjusting really well to life with only three legs, only occasionally toppling over.

“He loves to have snuggles in our bed at night time, and during the day enjoys following us around on the deck in the backyard. Graham loves a belly rub, and trying to snatch our dinner if we’re not looking.

Our house feels like a home with Graham, and we couldn’t be happier to give a special needs cat a forever home with us. He may only have three legs, but he has a heart full of love for everyone around him.

“I have always found shelter pets to have the most beautiful nature and personalities, despite any previous hardships.”

Graham’s surgery and rehabilitation were made possible thanks to the kind support of animal lovers like you. Donate today to support the life-saving work of our veterinary team.