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ADOPTED & ADORED: A big dog, with a big heart.

November 8, 2015

Sometimes a special someone can come into your life quite unexpectedly. You lock eyes across the room and by a chance of fate you know in your heart that you have found the perfect match for you.

This was the case for Eleni and her daughter Catherine when they met two year-old Staffy, Shelly in September.

“Catherine and I had come into the Home to help my brother adopt a cat; while walking around the shelter we saw Shelly and fell in love with her straight away,” said Eleni.

Despite the instant connection, Eleni needed some time to work out if Shelly would indeed be the right fit for her family.

“Our family is already made up of Catherine and I along with one dog, Vanda, and one cat, Angel, so adopting another dog into the family was a big decision.

“But there was so much that drew me to Shelly, including her cute bark and her gorgeous eyes. Plus, Catherine and Shelly had just clicked; she knew that she wanted to give this big, lovable girl a home.”

With the decision made, Eleni and Catherine returned to The Lost Dogs’ Home to adopt Shelly into their family.

It didn’t take long after that for this big girl, with a big heart to settle into the family.

“She is an incredibly loving, friendly and protective dog. Shelly and Vanda will sometimes share a bed together – even though they have separate beds! She is friendly with Angel and is great with little kids too.

Shelly edited 3“I have taken the time to keep up with her training. She has already learnt to come back to me when I call her in the off leash area of the park, she is a very smart dog.”

Eleni comments that she was happy that she made the decision to adopt Shelly back on that Wednesday in September.

“Animals need to feel loved. They require nurturing, good nutrition, exercise and time and big dogs with their big smiles are awesome.

“As my daughter said to me when we adopted Shelly ‘She’s a big dog. No one else will take her.’ That’s their loss – we wouldn’t change her for the world.”

There are a number of dogs of all shapes and sizes looking for their forever home at The Lost Dogs’ Home.

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