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Adopted & Adored: Winter brings sunshine

November 6, 2014

Despite her name, Winter — a delightfully happy one-year-old staffy and Dalmatian mix — has shone rays of love and warmth on her adopted family ever since she was adopted from our Echuca shelter in March this year.

Winter however, was not the first to be adopted into Gill’s family. Back in 1998, the family adopted Watson, a liver spotted Dalmatian who went on to be a much adored family member for 15 years.

Gill and her family said goodbye to Watson a few years ago and had only just recently felt ready to consider opening their hearts to a shelter animal again. She writes:

Dear Lost Dogs’ Home,

Firstly, thank you for providing us with two lives that have enriched ours beyond words.

Winter is not our first dog from the Home. We adopted a liver spotted dalmatian from The Lost Dog’s Home in North Melbourne back in 1998. We had Watson for 15 years.

He was incredibly loved by us all and the children didn’t know life without him until the day came that tore us all apart and we had to make that heart wrenching decision to end the pain he lived with daily.

It has taken a few years for us to mourn our loss and decide that maybe we could do it again.

When we saw Winter, our heart melted and now the journey starts over. Given that she is a staffy and dalmatian mix helped bring the spirit of our old boy along with us.

I work from home, so Winter and I have become great friends — she’s funny, playful, and well mannered. Another bonus is that she has matured, so we have missed all the crazy puppy stage of toilet training and chewing, and get the young loving, playful nature to train and guide into our perfect sixth member of our family.

Winter is brings our family together and is just a constant joy to have around — her happy wiggly tail just melts away the stresses of our working day. She has renewed our energy and is helping us all stay active with regular walks no matter the weather —rain, hail or shine.

We highly recommend adoption to anyone wanting to welcome a cat or dog into their lives.

The service, the testing, the health care and checks and follow up is a tribute to a great organisation providing a valuable service to those who can’t speak for themselves.

Thanks again,


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