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Adopted & Adored: Cashew finds her forever home

January 11, 2015

For four months, seven-year-old Cashew sat patiently in her condo at our North Melbourne shelter while her younger shelter mates were adopted one by one. Despite her loving and outgoing personality and to the sheer disbelief of staff who grew very fond of her, Cashew sadly was continually overlooked — often the case with adult and senior cats.

That is of course, until Pam and her boyfriend first laid eyes on her.

“We saw Cashew featured on the website and thought she looked like a cheeky intelligent cat,” said Pam. “We also did some research and found out that older cats are in greater need of good homes, and for every cat or kitten bought in a pet shop, that’s one less home for an older cat.”

Concerned the welfare of animals were often overlooked for superficial reasons, Pam was adamant on adopting an adult cat in need of a home.

“This is simply denying needier animals a home,” she said. “Adopting a kitten is not all fun and games when you have to toilet train them, while pure breeds come with their genetically predisposed issues which can rake up huge vet bills.

“Cashew epitomizes the best in feline health and personality. And, we are happy to report there have been no ‘aiming issues’ with her litterbox!”

Meeting her in person, the couple realised Cashew was exactly the type of cat they had been looking for: “At first, she seemed a bit depressed and even played a little rough with me, but I attribute that to being in her condo for so long,” Pam said.IMG_20141109_225443541-1

“With time and especially after coming home, Cashew’s personality really shone! Also, we thought that it was quite cool she came recommended for a one-cat home — Cashew is simply too cool for the other cats! “

Once home, and coming completely into her own, Cashew got busy getting to know her new surrounds.

“She jumped out of the box and started exploring, jumping on our laps and giving us lots of smooches. It was like she was totally stoked to be out of the shelter,” Pam recalled.

“After enjoying her meal, she then immediately took a nap with my boyfriend, which is quite a routine now.”

Within hours of being adopted it was clear Cashew, after waiting so long, had found her forever home.

IMG_20141108_155026227“It was like she has always been here. She was just so easy going, loves human interaction and gotten used to us very quickly. She even waits by the door for us every day after work!

“Adopting Cashew has also come with a feel good factor – she lived at a shelter for four months and we’re so happy she has a home with us.”

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