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Adopted & Adored: Boncuk’s transformation

January 4, 2015

When Boncuk first came into our North Melbourne Shelter it was fair to say he was desperately in need of a new start in life. He was grossly underweight, dirty and his coat was over-grown and matted. Despite his experience prior to the Home, the delightful 4-year-old poodle mix continued to have a plucky outlook on life and was genuinely fond of people. We knew with time, veterinary and foster care, Boncuk would soon make a wonderful pet in a loving new home.

Boncuk was surrendered to the Home by his owners who explained they had struggled with his behavior and could no longer care for him. Once in our care, Boncuk was given a thorough check-over by our vets and they were immediately concerned with his lack of weight as he was virtually skin and bone with his rib cage and spine clearly visible.

He was bathed and groomed to remove his filthy, matted coat and was vaccinated, treated for fleas and received a minor dental. In a better state and visibly happier, Boncuk was then placed in foster care so he could continue to gain weight in a nurturing home environment.

Despite appearing better than when he arrived, when his foster carer Kate first saw him, she was shocked to say the least.

“I could not believe how skinny he was,” she said. “He was emaciated and his bones were protruding so much, you didn’t feel comfortable patting him. He was also a little anxious and highly strung.

“I really felt for the poor little guy.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnce he was comfortable at home with her two dogs and teenage sons, Kate took to the task of finding out more about his unique name.

“I discovered ‘Boncuk’ is a common Turkish name for pets and is pronounced ‘born-jook’,” she said. “It was incredible to see Boncuk’s eyes light up and immediately respond to his name once I’d mastered the pronunciation!”

Settling well into Kate’s home and family, Boncuk made friends with everyone, except Maverick the cat.

“Unfortunately he was highly excited by Maverick and was not easily diverted when he appeared,” Kate reflected

“Other than being fixated with my cat, Boncuk fitted in really well. He loved going out for morning walks with my two dogs and he was always up for a cuddle on the couch. He was constantly hungry too, and approached every meal as if it was his last. But he began to put on weight, which was great!”

A regular foster carer for the Home, Kate said the thing that struck her most about Boncuk was seeing him experience the wider world with wonder, it seemed to her that even the most ordinary day to day activities were a first time experience for him.

“Regular walks and meeting other dogs were new and exciting for him,” she said “Also living with dogs was a huge thrill however, at times he was overzealous with his play and lacked some basic dog manners.

“He found different people who visited the house fascinating and was happy to meet everyone. It was really lovely to be able to give him these experiences,” Kate added.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKate said one of the highlight outings for Boncuk was meeting lots of volunteers from Jetstar Airways helping with a blanket drive for the Home.

After two weeks in foster care he was easily gaining weight and was overall a more settled little dog, so it was felt it was time for him to head back to the shelter to find his forever home.

“It was very sad to say goodbye to Boncuk, but I knew it was time for him to begin bonding with someone he could count on for the rest of his life,” Kate said.

“It was time for him to settle into the rhythm of a home he will live in for many years to come.”

The perfect home for Boncuk 006

We knew Boncuk would find a home in no time, but had no idea he would meet his perfect family within 24-hours of going up for adoption.

Retired couple — Fred and Jan — were looking for a little dog following the recent passing of their adored elderly dogs and when they came across Boncuk, they immediately knew he would be the one.

Fred recently reported that Boncuk had “fallen on his feet” with them and was enjoying their company very much,

“He gets daily hour-long walks and we often take him out along a flood basin near our house. He really likes it there, but we dare not let him off the lead yet. He has gotten to know the word “walk” and when we mention it, he jumps up and spins around with great excitement”

Whilst he enjoys the great outdoors, Fred said Boncuk is just as happy to have some couch time with the couple.

“Boncuk loves to jump up on the couch when we sit down and snuggle up on one of our laps. Sometimes though he gets a bit over excited when receiving affection, and starts to mouth a little but we just tell him no and he stops.

“He is a loving little dog and has settled in very well with us, and we couldn’t be happier with our little Boncuk!” concluded Fred.

After a less than ideal start in life, we know that Boncuk has many happy years ahead with Fred and Jan.

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