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Adopted & Adored: Beauty has no age

March 3, 2015

We’re heading up north to our Campaspe Shelter in Echuca for our next Adopted & Adored column to meet happy adopter Candice who, seven months on from adopting delightful Bella (meaning beautiful), is still head over heels with her new family member.

For Candice and her family, adopting an adult shelter animal was important. So important in fact, she took to writing to us about it!

Read on to find out why Candice believes beauty on the inside and outside has no age limit.

Name: Bella

Age: 7-years-old

Adoption Date: August, 2014

Dear The Lost Dogs’ Home,IMG_3098

It has been an absolute delight to have Bella in our lives.

We love each and every moment with her and are very grateful for her. I hope by sharing our adoption experience, more people will get on board and chose adopt an adult cat or dog— it’s the best thing we’ve ever done!

We just moved into our new place and were keen on adopting an adult dog. It was important to us to give a shelter animal that may be overlooked for their age an opportunity, while we were also aware of the time commitment and difficulty that can come along with raising a puppy.

Everything about our meeting with Bella feels like it was meant to be.

IMG_3436We made an enquiry to the Campaspe Shelter regarding whether they had an adult Labrador or Golden Retriever mix and received a call within days to be informed there was a Golden Retriever mix by the name Bella we could meet! We went to visit her that afternoon.

As soon as I walked in I knew this beautiful but very shy girl would suit our quiet home perfectly! She exuded such a gorgeous nature that we could not resist and that afternoon she came home with us.

Bella is the most placid dog I’ve ever met! She gets lots of compliments on her gentle nature, is very loving but also enjoys her own space.

She loves walks and is becoming more confident when swimming.

People often say an old dog cannot learn new tricks but with determination Bella is now sitting, dropping and rolling over!

Bella is sometimes shy in new situations but with some encouragement she warms up quick smart! Since day one she has absolutely flourished and is becoming much more confident.

To sum Bella up… she falls in love with those who share their love for her.

Think you are ready to adopt a “Bella” of your own? Find your perfect match feline or canine today!