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A happy reunion for Saffron and Avi

September 3, 2015

Christmas and New Year is a time when many of us travel near and far to spend time with our loved ones. It is also a time when many pets go missing after being spooked by fireworks.

Like many pet owners Avi and her partner arranged for their pets to be looked after by a friend while they were away. Sadly, when they returned home they were devastated to find their beloved cat Saffron, affectionately known as Saffy, had gone missing.

“When we returned from our holiday we found one of our cats hiding after being spooked by New Year fireworks, but no matter where we looked, we couldn’t find Saffy.

“We did everything we could to find Saffy; we searched our neighbourhood, distributed flyers and checked our local shelters to see if anyone had handed her in, but no matter where we looked, we couldn’t find her,” said Avi.

Nine months on, Avi was shocked when she received a call from The Lost Dogs’ Home in North Melbourne, informing her that Saffron – who had been missing nine months – had been found in Tullamarine, 18 kilometres from home.

Avi made her way to North Melbourne as soon as possible to be reunited with her much loved cat.

DSC_0262“We adopted Saffy from The Lost Dogs’ Home three months before she went missing; so we were really worried that she wouldn’t remember us when we finally saw her again,” Avi said.

This concern disappeared as soon as Avi saw Saffy. The loving ginger cat wasted no time going straight to Avi for the cuddles she was missing.

Being reunited with Saffy after such a long time really drove home the microchipping and identification tag message to Avi.

“It is important for all pet owners to microchip their pets and to ensure their details are kept up to date, so you can be contacted should your pet ever go missing.

“Microchipping Saffy and ensuring our contact details were kept up to date gave us the best chance of finding her – even after all this time.

“However, if Saffy was wearing an ID tag or a council tag, the likelihood of her being returned to us sooner would have been much higher. You can be sure I’m going out tomorrow to buy her a tag and a collar.

“We are so thankful to shelters such as The Lost Dogs’ Home for the good work that they do, from ensuring that unwanted animals are given the opportunity of a new home  to providing a service for lost and found pets,” said Avi.

Each year, thousands of lost cats and dogs across Australia arrive at shelters and, unlike Saffron, they have no way of being reunited with their owners, either because they were not identified or their owner’s details are out-of-date.

Having your pet microchipped, placing a name tag on their collar and keeping your contact details up to date is one way of ensuring you can be reunited with your pet should they ever go missing. For more information on identification, or to learn how to update your details, visit, or call National Pet Register on 1300 REG PET.

For more tips on pet safety, download our Holidaying without your pet and Holidaying with your pet fact sheets.

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