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224 forever homes for cats and kittens

April 19, 2021
In just six days, 224 cats and kittens have been adopted into loving homes.

A week ago, we launched an urgent appeal for Melburnians to adopt a cat in need. With several hundred cats and kittens in care, our shelters were facing crisis point.

In just six days, 224 cats and kittens have been adopted! This includes an incredible Friday and Saturday, with 58 and 57 felines adopted respectively. These are among the highest numbers of daily adoptions in our history.

It has been especially rewarding seeing so many adult cats find new homes. These deserving cats are often overlooked in favour of kittens, meaning they spend much longer waiting to be adopted.

With more than 200 cats and kittens moving into new homes in just a week, our adoptions centres are not as full as usual. But, the current kitten season is unprecedented and we’re seeing several cats and kittens arrive at our shelters every day.

Preparing pets for adoption takes time. Although there may not be many cats and kittens available right now, this changes every day as pets return from foster and are desexed, ready to go up for adoption.

Cats still need you!

As an open-intake shelter, cats and kittens continue to arrive in our care every day. Often overlooked in favour of kittens, adult cats need your help the most.

To help them find forever homes as soon as possible, adoption fees for adult cats (aged four months and over) are reduced to $20.

Ready to adopt a cat?

If you’re ready to adopt a cat, we encourage you to make an appointment. Walk-ins will be accommodated where possible, but pre-booked appointments will take priority.

If you visit as a walk-in, there may be long wait times. Due to the smaller number of cats and kittens available each day, walk-ins may miss out and be asked to come back another day.

You can make an appointment via the links below:

Tap here to view cats currently available for adoption.

To protect everyone’s health and safety, there is a limit on how many people can be in our adoptions centre at the same time.

During our special adoption drives, our thorough adoption process still applies to ensure all cats are matched with committed families able to offer a suitable home and meet the animal’s ongoing needs.

Our cats will stay in our adoptions centre for as long as it takes to be adopted, but we’d love for them to find loving forever homes as soon as possible.

Single kittens are still available to adopt for the standard adoption fee of $235.