Terrified little Lola was brought to the Home traumatised and stressed, surrendered to our care by her owners. To add to her worries, this tiny breed was only one year old – and heavily pregnant. Barely an adult herself, Lola was now facing mother-hood having just been removed from the only home she had ever known. It’s little wonder she cowered in the back of her pen, or growled when any human got to close. Lola’s motherly instincts had already kicked in, so protecting herself and her unborn babies was her only priority.

Our vets knew Lola didn’t have long before she gave birth to her puppies. They wanted to make the last few days of her pregnancy as calm as possible, so they decided removing her from the busy shelter environment was the best possible option and Lola went home with foster carer, Kevin.

About six days later, Kevin noticed another change in his new companion. She had become a lot quieter, and was trying to nest underneath Kevin’s bed. He knew this could only mean one thing – Lola was going into labour.

“It took just over three hours for all six of her little babies to be born. She was great during the process and I didn’t have to help her out at all. Afterwards, she went straight to sleep from the exhaustion.”

Six weeks later, the puppies were ready to be put up for adoption. It didn’t take long to find them all caring new owners.

Little Lola soon she caught the eye of Joan and John.

“Lola’s settled in good as gold. She has her own bed but she never uses it – she prefers our bed instead! ”

It’s heartbreaking to imagine what might have happened to Lola. Alone, vulnerable and pregnant, she may have suffered life-threatening complications during birth – and left to fend for herself and her babies alone on the streets.

Luckily, all six puppies are safe and well and Lola was given a new start with a loving new owner.

Your kind gift this winter will give more cats and dogs like Lola and her puppies the second chance they so greatly deserve.

Save a pet from homelessness

Abandoned dogs like Lola and her puppies need you this winter

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Abandoned dogs like Lola and her puppies need you this winter

Save a pet from homelessness