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2015 six-month statistics snapshot

August 4, 2015

January to June 2015

We often work hour to hour and week to week when caring for the cats and dogs here at the Home, so pausing to reflect on the previous six months is an encouraging moment to take.

In particular, the Home can report a significant drop in euthanasia rates for dogs to 9.2% and cats to 61.4% at our North Melbourne and Cranbourne Shelters. Along with dedicated hard work, this has demonstrated the positive effect further development of our shelter initiatives such as rescue, the behaviourial program and, of course, our proactive adoption campaigns have had.

Adoptions across the Home have remained steady for dogs however we have also seen marked increases in adoption rates for cats off the back of our persevering adoption drives. On average, North Melbourne cat adoptions sat at 20.5% while Campaspe was at 45%. With this considered and consistent approach, such outcomes may be reflected in our published statistics moving forward from 2016 onwards.

Reclaim rates for dogs have increased to 72.58% from 70.2% last financial year, which was higher than the industry standard. Even cat reclaims have increased to 9.4%, compared to 7.4% last year. On average, the Home’s live outcome rate has increased for dogs to 88.2% and 37.5% for cats.

Campaspe has seen the most significant increase in the percentage of cats adopted and they have also achieved a drop in euthanasia, especially for cats, now tracking at 49% on average.