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10 ways you can help this winter

June 2, 2015

Winter is here, which means everyone at The Lost Dogs’ Home is getting ready for one of the busiest periods of the year. During the colder months we can expect thousands of lost and abandoned cats and dogs to come through our doors, at a time where miserable weather causes people to take longer to reclaim their lost pet or come in to adopt a new family member. This means dogs and cats can stay with us for longer which stretches our resources to the limit.

We need your help to provide the best possible care to those who need it most during the winter months. Here are just 10 ways you can help this winter.

1. Adopt a shelter dog

It’s easy to become a homebody during winter. Often the last thing we think about is being in the great outdoors and having a play or walk with a dog. Sadly this translates to a decrease in daily adoptions at our shelters during the colder seasons.

But winter can be a terrific time to welcome a dog into your life! From a cuddly couch companion to active workout buddy to help you stay fit over winter, we have an adoption candidate for you!

The best part is you will be rewarded with a loving and loyal companion – for all seasons! Visit to see which dogs and puppies are currently up for adoption.

2. Donate your old blankets and towels

We rely on your donations of blankets and towels year round to help us keep our shelter animals warm and snug, especially during winter.

Have you had a spring clean during autumn and found blankets and towels you would like to donate, then bring them down to our North Melbourne and Campaspe shelters. We’d love to take them off your hands.

3. Become a foster carer or volunteer

We love our foster carers and volunteers and we are thankful for the time, love and compassion they provide to the home year round. Over winter our volunteers rug up and provide valuable support  such as dog walking which socialises our adoption dogs and keeps them fit and active.

Our foster carers provide a much needed home away from the shelter environment for dogs and cats, puppies and kittens to grow, recover and rehabilitate. However, we need more foster carers to help us manage the large number of cats and kittens currently in our care.

If you are interested in joining the Volunteer Program or simply wish to find out more information, visit or contact our Volunteer Coordinator on (03) 9321 8786. Want to find out more about fostering? Contact our Foster Care Coordinator on (03) 9321 8786 or

4. Adopt a shelter cat

Usually during the summer months we see an increase in the number of cats and kittens coming through our doors as a result of kitten season. However, with the autumn months getting warmer, the breeding season for cats is extending and we are seeing more and more cats and kittens come into the shelter in the months leading up to winter. As a result, we are bursting at the seams with cats and kittens looking for their forever home.

Cats and kittens can be loving, lifelong companions that can provide you with lots of cuddles and smooches to pass away the cold winter nights. To check out our adoption candidates visit

5. Donate food and treats

Year round we need a range of food and treats to keep our animals healthy. With our resources stretched to the limit during the colder months, donating food to the Home is one way you can help us this winter. We need a good variety of food, including food specifically for puppies, kittens and senior animals too.  If you have any food you would like to donate to the Home, you can bring it to our shelters at North Melbourne or Echuca.

6. Adopt an adult or senior pet

Senior and adult cats and dogs often have trouble finding new homes, with most people overlooking them in favour of kittens and puppies. With average daily adoptions decreasing over winter, many of our adult cats and dogs will spend more time at the Home waiting patiently for their new family. If you are looking for a pet this winter, maybe consider an older or adult dog or cat.

7. Donate dog and cat toys

Like all companion animals, the dogs and cats at the Home love playtime, even during winter! By donating much need dog and cat toys to the Home you are providing hours of fun, enrichment and entertainment to the animals in our care.

8. Advocate for an adoption candidate

We understand some people are not in a position to adopt a cat or dog from the Home in winter. But, you can still help by sharing our profiles and stories via your Facebook page, email or even via good old word of mouth!

9. Desex your pet

For many of us, desexing our dogs and cats goes hand-in-hand with responsible pet ownership. However, at The Lost Dogs’ Home we continue to see a large number of undesexed dogs and cats pass through our doors, even during winter.

By desexing your pet you will help make a difference to animal welfare on a bigger scale by raising awareness and demonstrating that desexed pets are happier pets.

10. Contribute to The Lost Dogs’ Home winter appeal

By sending a kind gift to The Lost Dogs’ Home this winter, you will help cover the cost of life changing services for the lost and abandoned cats and dogs that come through our doors.

If you would like to donate to The Lost Dogs’ Home or find out more about how your donations can help us this winter visit