Surrendered to The Lost Dogs’ Home by owners who no longer had time for her, Standard Poodle mix Roxy was in desperate need of proper care.

Roxy’s coat and diet had been completely neglected. After a full clip and bath she emerged a much happier, sweeter smelling dog. Roxy is being fed several small meals of a high calorie diet in order for her to gain weight.

“Roxy is highly intelligent and active. Her previous owners didn’t offer her training so she can be a little bit naughty at times. She will thrive under the care of an experienced owner who will not only commit time to training and exercising her, but also ensure she is groomed regularly. She is a beautiful girl and just needs some time spent on her so she can reach her full potential as a wonderfiul companion,” says the Home’s Sue Conroy.

Three year old Roxy is available to adopt from  The Lost Dogs’ Home, and is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and health checked. Please call (03) 9329 2755 and quote tag number 679063 if you would like to adopt her.