North Melbourne

Dogs for adoption at North Melbourne



    Bull Arab Cross, 1 year 7 months, Female


    Heeler Cross, 7 years, Female


    Kelpie Cross, 9 months 1 week, Female


    Kelpie Cross, 10 months 2 weeks, Male


    Bull Arab Cross, 1 year 7 months, Male


    Shiba Inu Cross, 1 year, Male


    Mastiff Cross, 9 months 1 week, Male


    Staffy Cross, 5 years, Female


    Kelpie Cross, 2 years, Female


    Bull Arab Cross, 6 years, Female

    Questions about adoption:

    Do you sell or offer dogs for adoption?

    Yes. We offer dogs for adoption and we charge to cover the running costs of the shelter.

    How much do you charge to adopt a dog?

    The adoption fees are different depending on the shelter. Please see contact us for more information.

    Why do you charge so much (or at all) for adoption?

    The charge covers our costs including desexing, microchipping, vaccinations, worming, vet check and behavioural exam. The price is very cheap compared to buying a dog from a breeder or pet shop. We don't make a lot of money on adoptions, and what we do make goes back into the organisation.

    What are your adoption hours?

    The hours are different depending on the location of the shelter. Please see our contact details and opening hours.

    What's involved in the adoption process?

    You come in and have a look at the dogs available for adoption. An animal attendant will walk you through and you'll get a chance to interact with the dog. Once you've chosen a dog, you go through into the vet clinic, fill in an adoption agreement and questionnaire, then come back into the office and pay. The whole process takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

    I've seen a dog I'm interested in on the website. Can you hold it for me?

    Yes, we'll hold an animal for up to 24 hours.

    Are your dogs ready to take home straight away?

    Yes, they're all desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and wormed.

    Can you tell me if a dog put up for adoption is a surrendered dog or a stray?

    We can't tell you about a specific dog, but most of our dogs for adoption are strays.

    Is there a discount if I adopt 2 dogs at once?

    No. We still have to perform the same procedures on each dog, and the adoption price covers our costs.

    Is my adopted dog going to bite me?

    No. If it was, it wouldn't have been passed for adoption. Every dog passed for adoption has passed temperament and behaviour tests.

    Why don't you have more dogs up for adoption?

    Because our adoption rate is high – dogs go in and out quickly. Adoption numbers are getting higher each year, but demand is still higher than we can keep up with.

    Do you test dogs for cat friendliness?

    No, we don't have any cats suitable for this. It would be too stressful for our stray cats. If you have any issues in the first 2 weeks, you can bring the dog back.

    Can I bring my existing dog in to meet a potential adopted dog?

    It is recommended that you bring  your existing dog with you to the Home to meet your potential new pet and to see that their temperaments match. Please note there is a slight risk of catching kennel cough if they are not fully vaccinated.

    I am currently renting and would like to adopt. What should I do?

    If you are renting, you will need to provide a rental agreement indicating that you are permitted to keep a pet in your home. This needs to be done prior to adopting. You can seek an agreement directly through your landlord or property manager. For more information please read the Tenants Union of Victoria renting with pets factsheet.

    What's the green tag I receive when adopting a pet? (QLD only)

    The green tag identifies the pet as part of the National Pet Register. It’s not the same as a microchip or a council tag.

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    Pet Licence

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